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Software (RISC OS 32-bit compatible)

(Alphabetical order)

This is a game I'm working on.
FahZhi Tracker
I needed a player for Equinox, and developed FahZhi Tracker.
ROVLib is a RISC OS application development library.
Sonor is an application for editing samples in RISC OS.
Thieves is a card game.
WindowRd allows you to capture screen shots of windows and menus - useful for creating manuals.

Software (RISC OS 26-bit - may work on 32-bit; could be BASIC)

(Alphabetical order)

ACED is a space shooter - fly around shooting things and pick up the power-ups. At the time of writing, work in progress
Although ArcCommand has been withdrawn, I've left this in case anyone has linked to it.
CalPOP3 is a POP3 fetcher, that can be used to replace the one in Voyager.
Cloe is an idea I had to solve the 32-bit problem - it's a set of notes, rather than a working solution.
Desktop Tracker
Desktop Tracker is a tracker creator/player suitable for pre-16-bit sound system RiscPCs.
If you need to create passwords for a web server, you can use DESPass.
Dune II
This is the RISC OS version of Dune II.
This is the first free application I wrote that had a lot of users. LongFiles allows you to have more than 10 characters in pre-E+ format hard drives.
These are notes on how MPEG works.
Sonor Jnr
Like Sonor, SonorJnr is another application for editing samples in RISC OS, simplified for use in education.
Talking Canvas Junior
I was asked to write a simple multimedia application - Talking Canvas Junior was the outcome.
Voice recognition is something I've been playing with, and VoiceCon was the first attempt under RISC OS.
This is a replacement for Voyager's VoyTerm that was never released.

Software (MacOS X)

XilLogic is the control and viewing software for a Xilinx-based Logic Analyser I've made.

Software (non-RISC OS)

(Alphabetical order)

Matrix Orbital LK202-24-USB (Linux/OpenBSD)
This is some old code I extended to support the Matrix Orbital LK202-24-USB module, and works under Linux and OpenBSD. Should also work in other BSD-like OSses
Gerber2PDF front end (Windows)
This is a front end to Gerber2PDF.
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